Chick-fil-A Delivery Captain(Only accepting internal applicants)

Bryan, TX

Duties & Responsibilities: Job is not limited to but includes the following:

Operational Tasks 

Utilize the Bringg app to assign orders, dispatch and ensure drivers take their breaks Resolve any driver disciplinary issues including but not limited to: 

  • Assigning points for any policy or procedural violations 

  • Creating weekly drivers schedule(future)

  • Giving out verbal warnings for policy or procedural violations 

  • Maintaining proper documentation of any policy or procedural violations 

  • Make sure OLD Leads are meeting all their job duties 

  • Following up with OLD leads if there are not fulfilling their job duties 

  • This includes updating each driver’s sheet at the start of each pay period 

  • Keep team updated on operational tasks (reminding tip to enter mileage etc.) via Slack 

  • Maintain delivery vehicles in top shape (schedule routine maintenance checks, car washes etc.) 

  • Oversee onboarding of new drivers 

  • Create “REMARKable” Experience 

  • Actively look for ways to improve customer’s experience 

  • Lead the team in providing second mile service 

  • Includes training drivers on how to best fulfill their orders to provide excellent customer service (i.e. remembering to bring extra sauces, extra straws etc.) 

  • Alert PR Director of any order inaccuracies and ensure customer recovery 

  • Answer customer questions about personal delivery 

Beyond O.L.D Duties 

  • Assist shift leads with: 

  • Counting drawers 

  • Fulfilling payouts 

  • Bank runs 

  • Inventory runs

  • Customer recovery 

  • Assist in disciplinary duties including assigning points to team members


  • Must have open availability 

  • Must be able to work 40-45 hours 

  • Fill out the expression of interest form